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Kaffeina is a cozy but stylish neighborhood cafe that serves as a community gathering spot and chic specialty coffee destination. It aims to provide a new experience to customers by offering a creatively curated drink and food menu. It is a welcoming home for community groups to pursue their hobbies and engage in lively discussions. 



















Owner Jin and her husband are longtime members and volunteers of the Delaware Art Museum. Jin  has cultivated an interest in the art of coffee and has always been drawn to the ways of the barista. While volunteering at the museum over the last year, she noticed the closed museum cafe which sparked the Kaffeina vision. After inquiring about the space, researching, learning and signing on the dotted line, the vision was brought to life. As the new owner of the cafe, she is excited to craft delicious lattes for the community, serving the museum and its visitors as she has done for the past 10 years. Inspiration for Kaffeina's specially curated drink menu came from coffee expert Jinsu Chang. She has spent years studying the art of coffee, even designing & opening up a cafe in Philadelphia. She was very excited to include her knowledge & bring it to Kaffeina. 

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